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>> we are back with the march madness college basketball tournament . it feels like a champ and march emac an internet company? >> it is it basically internet cyber security and we have had earnings in six of the last quarterings. i like the stock. >> it st. innovative company. but the stock is expensive. >> you are going to cooper tire? >> they are making original equipment tire with the ford focus and i like the game plan in china. >> i like it and big presence in china and eastern europe. >> all thumbs up and that's it for forbes on fox. have a great weekend. the number one business block
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continues with eric boling and cashin in. >> remember the taxpayer funded video on how to survive the zombie or apocalypse. realm guys? our money . getting a sweet dial for uncle sugar and guess who is getting big blockoster. and that is on your money. starts right and that is it lloyd wiber and marjorie cliffton. can't find 85 billion in spending cuts.
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how about cutting this. unused government coffers and doled out by the fish department and teach us about democracy and creating videos featuring drill sergeants showing off the recipes. it is adding up and johnathon this is it what dc should have been targeting all along. >> the role of government is it clear and limit defined by the constitution. ours is full of waste and chalk full of worthless and party is serious about cutting the size and scope of government? >> 156 million that your reports showed . federal employees to stay at
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home and work. and wayne you have a few others? >> it is it embarrassing . that is it the report. up can go out and get it it is it a hundred pages and hundred items of waste and another bridge to no where and 520,000 in ohio. and giant gariffti carrots. when you think about it the president takes the jet and goes to play golf with tiger wood that. is two million and three million down the drain by the time you take the cars and stand up and upon say oh, my goodness, we have a terrible problem. we have a cut and in the meantime he's spending. >> and you might like this one. climate change, the musical. >> 700,000. >> your dad would be proud. >> he would be very proud and
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i can't proud which is why i am here now. it is extraordinary with all . waist going on. crony capitalism and corporate wilfare. familiar the moan. politicians spent 7 billion getting themselves reelicated. they are raising all of that money and as a result every time you try to cut the waste with special interest and nothing gets done. >> and hold on, tracey . i want to get to marjorie. the waste is it bipartisan and waste on both side said, right've -- both sides. right. >> campaign monep and the money going into politics in general is one of the biggest problems. there is it waste and having it being a partisan is creating a problem. we created it in two camps and running government like we do a business. it is it critical and not oversimplifying.
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you can't do uniform cuttings. >> grill sergeants and how they grill safety. >> and when i love that. >> what are fish. >> reminds me keep swimming, keep swimming and my favorite is 1.5 million to procure beef jerky in france. >> and what bothers me the most, eric they think we are naive and we'll will not figure it out. they try to pull the wool over our eyes and they stand up and say ta agents lose their jobs how do you do this. >> there are ways, go ahead johnathon. >> both parties are guilty of spending. >> eric, they not only like to sphend, but talking about cutting, they follow up with a sob story or scare tactic of how the world is going to collapse and if we don't keep
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employing thousands of useless government workers. at least the gop and wealth comes from private markets and if you think it does, check out greece or italy and how will they are doing right now. >> the government increased over the last 12 years and the central budget doubled in 12 years. this is not the right direction. >> no,ly, i agree. you can't make it partisan and things that are problematic aren't. you can't say everything has equal weight. some contribute to health and safety and things all americans value and other things are wasteful. again with defense something we need but not at the scale . going through it with a fine tooth comb would be a better method. >> identity thieves bilking the i.r.s. out of the millions. that is 3.9 billion on
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fraudulent return. >> if you run a business like that. we are not talking about chopped liver. it is it big . all they have to do is cut it back. >> the federal government is a business and failing on many levelings it should be run like a business. where are the term limits when you need them. all you think about is the next vote and they have to appease constit quent . they need the votes was their senators. >> it is it exactly that. every politician. you have all of the sacred cows . defense, and entitlements has to be looked at and shared sacrifice. >> why does defense have to be. >> america is spending more than 10 countries combined. it is not your job to be the world's only policemen. >> if we are spending 345 million in studying robotic
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squirils. >> listen government is personality but the role is limit defense is one of those responsibilities specifically reserved for the g. let cisco or somebody study robotic squirrelings. defense is what we count on them to do. there is it plenty of stuff to cut and they have to get back to protecting the people's rights not spending their money. >> how do we do this and we know it st. ridiculous and out of the hand and yet we have a senate, harry reid, you know you always postering -- posturing in the senate. they haven't passed a budget since 2009. you can't run your household. we have idiots in there. >> why hasn't the senate would a budget if four years? >> how long do we have? that is it a problem. we as the media contributed to
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the partisan if it is it a conversation of us against them it requires a cutting to the table and campaign finance reform and term limits. that would change the name of the conversation. when you do have special interest groups and lobbyist that are informing on what getless cut and doesn't. it is hard to have that conversation. in the defense budget. there is it plenty of waste there as well. we have to look smartly at cyber . i.r.s. example. cyber security is a growing threat and where are we spending and why. >> we could go on and on and on. >> alm you need is it a pin and start slashing. >> coming up. bakers dozen and a bakers bail out . guys putting twinkies off of the shelves now getting a deal off of the charts? for over 75 years people have saved money with...ohhh...
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>> it is official, five billion in federal responding cuts is in affect. it is the defense department taking the biggest hit . democrats and are accused of playing the blame game. but as painful as the cuts are, at least some spending will be reduced . on top of the sphending, fox news poll majority of americans think the only way to get spending under control is mandatory cut us. >> and you will hear from a doctor who is rewriting the
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boundaries was life and death. stay with us. everybody. uniaccused of bringing down hostess is snacking on your tax money. they can collect ben 50s for workers losing their jobs. >> i wish i had a twinkie and we could sting happy birthday to you. we can't find them because the baker's union brought the company down . the team sterse said they had a better union . the bakers said no thanks and on top of unemployment they are getting global trade fits. >> they can acsiss unemployment and trade adjustment assistant. >> global trade competition,
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that is a good thing. >> it is this be compet if i have and competition and the fact that the government has to pay for something like that is outrageous. that's what we have competition for f. you have competition in the labe horr market and in the capitol market there is it competition for production purposes. it is good . the fact that everybody. fox want to fire us let's say. do we go to the government. they fired us because we were not doing and we get money. everybody who gets fired gets money? >> it is out of control. >> isn't that where we are going with an entitlement soit. i lost my job. how about a global trade thing. you don't have to work anymore. >> don't we wish. >> and hostess despite the generation, mourn the iconic twinkies and they are gone and going under regardless .
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it didn't have directly to do with just the unions. there is not a market and the shift in products are available . separately what you are asking about in ternals of the intitlement programs. they are available to gerber and they are maid strable to frito lay employees in the past . they had instances of them doing that to have global trade. how do we keep people in the job market? we need to make it so we can find new jobs and important to all of us and it means bank happening - institutions . this is it what it is it. the bakers union saying we don't want to take the deal that hostess offering and they stay we can't afford to do business and goodbye . the government bails them out again. >> eric, as i understand, the unions are making two times
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the national average salary for bakers and this neeleds to be protected against global trade. that helps workers and baked good imports are down. bakery hiring is up. why should they have right to a guarantee of any salary it is it an example of how the so call would fry market is anything but. it is it a perfect example of government intervention. >> our european friends laughing at us. >> i don't know. outsourcing is a big problem for developed naptions as it were. statistics are a bit dodgey on this. 230,000 americans lose their jobs every year to outsourcing. maybe you want to retrain them. hostess workers should get the global relief, i am not sure.
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>> unions are bringing doub the autoindustry and twinkie and what is next? they are making demands that no one can afford and look what happens. i center a solution. let's all quit and go to work for the government. >> maybe there is it -- >> they don't center any jobs. >> if i get 50 percent of my salary and moving expenses and baby care and maybe it is it easier to quit my job and live off of the dole. >> you will not make what you did as an employee. >> i still rather have a job and that is it true for most americans. doesn't come out in the wash. >> you have no right to it it doesn't. if you get fired from your job. you don't center -- have a right. >> coming up. taxpayers green, you better be
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>> weeped or welfare? welfare recip yints have to take drug tests before getting their welfare checkings. right or wrong? >> it is an interesting concept. 7 states passed it you go on welfare to get jobs and better. last thing you want is them to
8:54 am
get stoned all day long. there is it merit to all of >> you tend happened to go to libitarian idea. you like this idea or no? >> it is ironic. states are legalizing drugs and we are testing for them in the same time. i am against drug testing and it involves the government further and i am more against welfale itself. it is unfair to the taxpayers. it is given to people in need and that is unfair. >> and what about if you test for drugs and you put them on treatment and you give them the check and if they don't bad idea? >> it is interesting. what is debated is it whether it is unlawful . make being assumption someone is on drug use and that's what
8:55 am
the states are debating. what is the costs of doing drug tests and who gets busted and having the rights taken away. your proposal is an interesting one. i don't know if it would work. it is it a tough one. this debate goes round and round. >> it is it a sensitive debate. what about the wayne. >>? guy is on drugs and the fact that he is taking welfare, what doesdifference does it make. buying drugs on the street. you are against the law and that has nothing to do with whether or not you are on welfare. you are on welfare or drunk. >> here's the theory. if i put a check on your right pocket. aren'tip paying for your drugs? >> yes, i am violating the law in the first place. if i rob a bank it is it the same thing. >> if you are going to do it. you have to make the treatment programs are affordable and
8:56 am
accessible. millions was americans suffer and only 11 percent in proper treatment programs. >> costs more to do it >> corporate america drug test. is it kind of the same thing. >> hold ohold on. >> simple. >> we'll get marjorie in it. >> if i work for fox and they want to drug test me. ifip fail, they fire my. why can't we do that with welfare assistance. there is it plentev - plenty of other programs that they don't get tested. corporate america is one thing and an question but harder to implement. >> but a simple moral end to this eric. legalized druppings and end welfare and costs taxpayers no one. >> johnathon that is a big can of worms. thank you very for joining us.
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>> and look who is reeling in the tax breakings. here said they should start with our pals in tinsel town.
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